Monday, 17 January 2011


Today I will be going to the gym, My session for today will be focusing on the biceps and triceps muscles.
In this session there will be various exercising allowing us to work on different as pects of the back muscles. We will be changing doing differet various exercises to allow us to work the different parts of our biceps and triceps.

I will be doing 3 sets the 1st set will be 12 reps at a light weight allowing us to get use to the motion of the exercise, the 2nd set will consist of 10 reps with a slightley higher weight pushing our muscles a bit further and working on gaining that muscle mass, the final set will consist of 8 reps this is where we will be pushing for the heavy weights allowing us to get that a more intense muscle contraction and making us build on our bicep and triceps muscles to the full potential.

After each exercise you must ensure that you cut the rest period down from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

Below are pictures of some exercise that we will undergo in our session today and this is in place to help ensuring the exercise are done correctley:



Here is a link to My Session Plans:

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