Saturday, 9 July 2011


Today is the final day of My Marocycle

I will be reviewing my performance over the 6 weeks identifying the strenghts and weaknesses throughout the 6 week plan, I used Smart objectives to move closer towards my goals and targets.Each week of the program I increased th intensity of the sessions. I also varied the type of sessions I had at the gym working on different aspects of my body muscles. The Plan of my macrocylce stayed the same throughout the program as I had 5 days training and 2 day rests, allowing enough recovery time and adaption to the 6 week plan, this helped in the achievement of my overall goal.

On a personal Note I believe that I have inproved on the development of my muscle mass and my power and stregth levels have increased. I am ore than able to push heavier weights than I was able to do befor also I was able to performa certain exercises that I was not able to perform. The intensity allowed me to make my body work harder also it allowed in the development of  my strength and muscle mass. I am able to push more than I was ale to as I can tell by my results as at the beggining of the program I was pushing 5KG weights and now I am able to push in the region of 20KG - 40KG.

Over the 6 week training  program I was able to look from results and see that my muscles are more than able to lift heavier weights than from what I started on at the beggining of the program. below are the strengths I believe I showed in the 6 week plan:

  • I worked on diffferent muscles groups at one time so I worked on 2 muscle groups during one session, this allowed me to work on the certains aspects of diferent muscles for example on my legs I could work on my quads, also adding my calves in the session as well., another example would be my bicep working on my inner bicep as well as my outer bicep. this allowed my muscles to increase and strengthen and helped in achieveing my overall aim.

  • My Goal for the 6 week plan was to increase my muscle mass and gain more strength to help my boxing ability. I believed I have achieved this goal due to my personal performance that played with my strengths with this.

  • I think the layout of my 6 week plan was effective, because the variation of my session plan allowed me to not get too bored of the 6 week plan. Aswell as this I believe my rest days allowed me enough time to recover and where placed in the correct placces and gave me enough recovery time and allowed me the strength to adapt to the 6 week plan.

  •  I believed the training sessions at the gym allowed me to keep motivated as I was able to interact with other people, and as well as when I needed spotting in the gym they could give me a hand.

  • I believed was a kep aspect in my Training as spending 5 days a week in the gym I had to keep myself interested in the training to achieve my overall goal. Another influencial factor which helped in maintaning my focus and attention was listening to music whilst I was training, helping me to become more interested as I would undergo my session.

  • Adaption to the trainig program was a key part for me to look at as I would spend most of my time in the gym I blieve the different sessions plans i devised working and using different methods of training allowed me to develop an interest and keep it on going.
Weaknesses Areas For Improvement
There where many weakenesses I felt that I came face to face with throughout the 6 week plan, below are some of the weaknesses that I cam across:

  • I think my maing weakness that I was faced with was my dedication towards going to the gym 5 days a week, this is because I felt as if I was an outsider and the sessions seemed to be not as interesting as I thought they would be, however once I started going day in day out and made conversatyion with people and interacted with others it helped in maintaining the focus and attention I needed in the gym.

  • I also listenned to music which would help energise me and prove to be a good motivational factor. So therefore I see my motivation as a weakness in my 6 week plan which would need to be worked on in further training programs.

  •  Another weakness I blieve that i faced in my 6 week plan was my goal setting I think if I had targets set out for each particular sessions rather than a target every week it would have broke the  whole 6 weeks down and I would ahieved my goal much more than I have. This was another factor that would play a part in loosing my interest.

  • Your muscles only strengthen when you are forced to work over the muscles limit; there are many different way for someone to achieve this result for example: as in my 6 week plan we did weight training, I believe I should of overloaded my traiing more increased the higher weights to help expand my muscles and work over as this would of helped in achieving muscle mass.

  • Another way I could of imprved my 6 week plan was to increase the number of sets I did I believe that the moer sets would of helped with the growth of my muscle with overload and intensity of the program wouild be all important factors to help in achieveing my overall goal.

  • I believe another aspect that let me down was my endurance I woul in future combine Cardiovascular exercises with my weight training to allow me to keep my endurance and not get as tired as I did in the sessions that where carried out.
Future Reccomendations
I prsonally feel as though my strength, power and muscle has improved I now feel more confident to contribut in training for amateur boxing and competing. the aim of my goal was to improve my muscle mass and strength to be Fitt enough to compete at an amateur level and sign up for my local boxiung club. Without the 6 week plan I would not have been able to of done this.

I am going to be carrying on with my macrocycle as it will help to maintain the strength I have achieved as well as progress further i.e. if I wanted to move up a weight class just increase to a higher intensity.

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