Saturday, 9 July 2011


Today I will be looking at the week and coming up with targets which I will want to achieve out of the next week, I will be doing this at the end of each week and assesing wethere I have reached the targets. This will be in place as a guidline and allow me to look at where I am as in my strength and power ability and what I will need to achieve my overall goal.

My target for next week will be to increasethe wieght on each exercie, this will be done as the more the wieght increases on each exercise the more my muscles will be working anf threfore be my muscles will be allowed to work overload and expand on making my musces bigger.I will be doing this because I believe that the weight I was pushing was easy for me to do and I wanted to increase the intensity to achieve my goal. As well as this I will be increasing the time of my warm up and distance covered when running, allowing me to have an increased heart rate, help with increased weights of the workout and therefore helping me to achieve my ovcerall goal.

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